Friday, July 4, 2008

My WhOle NeW WorLD

its a best thing seeing their face juz when they out from my womb. its the feeling that i dont know how to describe. i love both of u. thanx to Allah for giving such a beautiful 2 princess. thanx to my hubby for all his support. thanx to mak n ayah for all love that u given to me since i am out to this world. thanx for angah, alang, ateh n apit for all ur sms dat nite. i love u all so much.

new chapter of life juz began. hearing their voices of crying inside the OT, makes me feel its great. Feeding them at first time, makes me cried. alhamdulillah semuanya sihat2 dan ok. both of them born on 2nd April 2008. ilham adlina born at 8.38 am and ilham ardini born at 8.39am. juz a minute away from her sis. then they had been transfer to SCN because of weight. ardini back to me that evening but not adlina. how i feel worried about her, only Allah knows. Adlina only back to me on 2nd day. kesian princess mama yg sorang nie... awal2 lagi da tdo jauh dari mama.

unforgetable.. there's theme song for them.. KEKASIH GELAPKU by UNGU. this song was played during my ceaser at OT. hehehe. this pic were captured during day 1 til day 15. i love both of u.

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