Friday, January 30, 2009

iLHamS nEw FriEnD

actually baby nie da lama born. juz lupa nak bagitau. here is siti solehah bt mohd zikry. her mom n dad were my students once upon da time. so cute n chuby. like her mom.

iT HoLIdaY..

Chinese New Year.. Plan to get iLhams a pair of cheongsam.. but no size for them, huhuhu.. it is long weekend for us. nothing to do.. so we juz back to our hometown at seremban. it juz a great weekend where not only us back but also our lil auntie n uncle. someone suddenly rise out idea to have picnic at ulu bendul. at there, only dni play wif da water. Adel was not feeling well at that time. she got rashes. at first mama thought it was measle. we bring her to doc n she said it just a rashes because of the weather was too hot now a days. alhamdulillah. till today, she had recover from that n start to laugh as always.

so far everything goes well. they start to have a teeth. mm... dni now know how to clap her hand when people asked her to do so. Adel was so 'gedik'. hahahhahahah..

-- ciannye anak mama.. juz looking around --

-- guard of da day --

-- lapar...--

-- wan tam.. tukang blanja --

-- mimi yang lapar bangat --

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


They are grow up n lil bit of naughty. but i love them so much....

SuCh A LoNg TiMe

huhu... afta a few weeks working with timetable, now only i can breath normally. such a hectic days that i had gone through when working with timetable. dealing with human, sometime really makes me sick. as human also, i have my own capabilities. i cant fulfill everyone needs in da timetable. i juz do my best on it and hope everyone will satisfied no matter u r students or lecturers.

such a long time not updating all of u with iLHams. Nowadays, they start to stand up for a few minutes without holding to anything. a few minutes after dath they will fall down again. huhuhu. but its a great thing watching them grow up in front of my eyes. aDLina now know how to pronounce mama.. papa n kakak where aRDini also did the same things.. Sometime they shown some signal that they want something o they r not satisfied with something. hehehe. such a big lil girl.

here are the pics that were taken during my hectic time... lalalalalalla

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

LiFE n LoVe

this two weeks will be the hectic weeks for mama. the semester juz began.. but da timetable still on paper.. huhuhu....... dear my iLHams... jangan nakal2 tau this two weeks... mama need to sacrifice my life n love for da timetable.

Friday, January 2, 2009

iLhAms tUrn To 9 moNThs

iLHam aDLina n iLHam aRDini now turns to 9th months. alhamdullillah. Wish that both of u growth well. i love both of you. now ilhams learn to stan up. sometimes the fall down.. cry n yet laugh together. such a strong lil girls. LoVEeeeeeeeee You, my dear.

NeW Year GiFT

we went to SOGO as papa pRomise to do so. n he bought iLHams ELMO. this ELMO he had pRomised since mama pRegnant. thanks papa. mmmm...... can we have moRe toys afta this, papa?

wHiLe YoU wERe sLeEpiNG

While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping,
I sat by your bed.
I watched you
as you smiled through your dreams.

I traced your perfect shell ear,
Touched every curl
On your little head.

I tried to sleep
But the sound of your breathing
Drew me back to your room.

I couldn't resist
The magic which tugged
At my heartstrings
And brought me to your side.

I settled on the floor
Once again.
Back against the wall,
Holding your tiny hand in mine.

While you were sleeping
I fell in love with you all over again.

LanGKawi... HeRe wE cOMe.... PaRT 2