Tuesday, December 16, 2008


both iLhams demam lagik. ya Allah........ kurniakanlah kesihatan yang berkekalan pada permata hati aku nie. semoga diorg cepat2 sihat. Dni malam tadi meragam the whole nite sampai aku x tahu pukul baper dia tertdo.

-- still smiling even demam --

-- mama.... i cant breath well --

at the same time.. early this morning i'm getting unconditional offered from Sheffield Hallam University. wow. this is the things dat i am waiting for......... if evrything ok... i will further my studies on september 2009. rite now waiting for official offered letter dr SHU.

am i ready to go there?

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ayien78 said...

beshnya...kat mana ko dpt offer tu???over da sea ke????