Wednesday, February 18, 2009

OnLiNe PhoTo PriNtinG.. as EasY as 1..2..3

Life will be no more boring with some IT elements in our life. Are you having thousand of picture in your PC? Thumb drive? Or other media storage. Now u can easily print it by using eoe online service. What should you do is just surf at I am the one who always addicted to take my twin photo since their first day till now. N now I have almost thousand of their pictures and start thinking how to print it and keep it properly for them. One of my student said.. Memories never fade. I think it is correct.

EOE online is a one stop center where you not only able to print your photo b
ut also have some review of cameras, accessories, editing picture plus many more. And of course you save the cost for traveling to print the photos at any photo shop.

How its works?? It just a few simple step that you should follow. With the guidance from the website, I believe u will feel it as easy as 1,2,3. Just go to and logon. Then upload photo from your PC. Don’t worry if u feel lost. U will be given some useful tips to be followed.

Here are some useful tips to you:

  1. login first before you start uploading your photos!
  2. During your photo upload process if somehow you are faced with some problems such as network issues, internet line disconnected, etc. where you may find your upload process needs to be stopped or you have missing photos from the print order page, not to worry. Please re-login to your account and you will be prompted a message which allows you to continue with your order from there.

Using online photo storage, u are given free unlimited storage. Wow…… it is so good since u can upload and save all the photos in your PC to the online album. After this there should be no worries of photo lost during PC break down, or anything. U can also manage to get the photo from anywhere as long as u are online.

eoe giving away this special promotion where I think u must be interested with :

  • Print 4R photo at RM0.30 each
  • Print 5R photo at RM0.50 each
  • No additional charges
  • Free deliver for orders RM35.00 and above
oppsss... there is another good news for all bloggers out there, there is blogger review program by eoe. juz Do a review on eoe Online and get 50x4R and 2x8R photo prints for Free! so.... lets join it together.

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