Wednesday, July 8, 2009

GoiNg to TuRn To NeW DaY... BuT i StiLL aT HeRe

another 8 minutes.. the new day will come. but mama.. acik xerra.. aunty yin still at college. working with the timetable. can u imagine.... iths about 16 hours mama been at this college. from morning where the sun stil cant be seen till the sun goes down and moon came out. but i still here. so starving... so sleepy... but i still here. timetable still facing a problem. not one... but about 100 failures with it. time conflict.. lecturer conflict... room cant be occupied plus that plus this n plus plus. huhuhuhu...........

i wish i can be at home with iLHams n papa. all people out there already going to bed... but mama still in her crazy world.... plus.. tomorrow another hectic day for mama.. acik xerra. kat sape nak mengadu nie? kalu mengadu pun, ader ke yg sudi paham masalah kami??? tentative untuk esok....
  • 0830 college registration
  • 0930 timetable briefing with hnd mentors
  • 1030 academic consultation
  • 1400 attend online registration briefing
  • plus... working with the timetable again n again
for the first time in 9 years of working i being like this... may be will be repeated at next semester..... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........

iLHamS... sleep well k with ur papa. dont be notty..... i will back.. but dunno at what time.

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-- acik xerra & aunty --

--timetable people.. mad world--

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