Friday, January 30, 2009

iT HoLIdaY..

Chinese New Year.. Plan to get iLhams a pair of cheongsam.. but no size for them, huhuhu.. it is long weekend for us. nothing to do.. so we juz back to our hometown at seremban. it juz a great weekend where not only us back but also our lil auntie n uncle. someone suddenly rise out idea to have picnic at ulu bendul. at there, only dni play wif da water. Adel was not feeling well at that time. she got rashes. at first mama thought it was measle. we bring her to doc n she said it just a rashes because of the weather was too hot now a days. alhamdulillah. till today, she had recover from that n start to laugh as always.

so far everything goes well. they start to have a teeth. mm... dni now know how to clap her hand when people asked her to do so. Adel was so 'gedik'. hahahhahahah..

-- ciannye anak mama.. juz looking around --

-- guard of da day --

-- lapar...--

-- wan tam.. tukang blanja --

-- mimi yang lapar bangat --

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mas said...

salam kak...hehehe akak ke ek?
xkisah le mas cuma suka tgk twin2 ni...besnya tgk....da la cute pastu muka sama...hehehe