Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SuCh A LoNg TiMe

huhu... afta a few weeks working with timetable, now only i can breath normally. such a hectic days that i had gone through when working with timetable. dealing with human, sometime really makes me sick. as human also, i have my own capabilities. i cant fulfill everyone needs in da timetable. i juz do my best on it and hope everyone will satisfied no matter u r students or lecturers.

such a long time not updating all of u with iLHams. Nowadays, they start to stand up for a few minutes without holding to anything. a few minutes after dath they will fall down again. huhuhu. but its a great thing watching them grow up in front of my eyes. aDLina now know how to pronounce mama.. papa n kakak where aRDini also did the same things.. Sometime they shown some signal that they want something o they r not satisfied with something. hehehe. such a big lil girl.

here are the pics that were taken during my hectic time... lalalalalalla

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