Tuesday, May 19, 2009

GiRLs OuTiNG -- pArt 1

Last week.. mama n frenz went to girls outing at port dickson. actually they are mama's frenz since we are at matrikulasi uum .. degree uum...till now. aunty farid, aunty tipah, aunty fiza n aunty ayu. they drove all the way from KL juz to make our dreams come true. hehehe. we stay at avillion pd. nice place with a nice view. u can have a detail bout this resort at here. Since weather skang x menentu so.. mama x bawak iLhams. wan marah takut cucu dia demam lagik. hehehe.. so mama juz lone ranger. papa pun x der. aunty tipah pun x bawak uncle hisyam. so.. it like our old days where we hang out all the nite.

at the first nite, we have a chat. without we we r chatting till nearly 3 am. we chat about all the memories. this guy couple with dat girl.. this girl like*****... how handsome that guy*******. How B**** searching for mama..., about all the nakal things dat we did at our old days.. katil patah... plus etc etc. hahahhaha...

at the next day we went to muzium tentera darat juz to fulfill aunty tipah dreams. hahaha... ada la sorg abg army yg dok escort kami.. (escort ader makner tuh...).......... the wan tipon n mama back to seremban n fetch iLHams.. dat nite iLHams stay with us at PD.

-- tHE pOOL--

-- TradisiONaL daLam KeMoDeNaN--

-- WaTer ChaLet--

-- RiaU DeCk.. U wiLL HaVe a Nice View @ HeRe--

-- GaRDEN ViEW --

-- MaMa BesTFreNz.. aUNTy FaRid--

-- aUNTY TiPaH n AuNTy aYu--

-- MuZiuM TenTeRa DaRaT, PD--

-- LiKe oUR oLD DaYs--

-- TeRinGaT Kat 11 tahun yg doLu--

-- KapaL TeRbanG Yg x LeH TeRbanG--

-- NeAR ThE Trains.. wiSH to go Back To aLOr SetaQ--

-- LaDies of Mine--

-- aFta memanJaT --

-- FrOM The BacK.. GiRL of MiNe--

-- aDeL yg KeTaQ--

-- waTeR sPLasHinG--

-- DiNi da SeJuK--

-- resT TiMe--

-- My lil GiRL--

-- maMa.. can We PlaY wiF the Water aGain??--

-- PeaCocK @ PeT FaRM--
-- ThE sHoW --

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adex-aieda said...

bestkan dapat jumpa ngan kekwan lama nih...lagik2 bila dpt sembang tentang hal kelakau dolu2...